Meet Melissa

Hey there! My name is Melissa and I'm a high school English teacher in sunny Southern California.
I’ve been teaching English Language Arts for the last 18 years, mostly in the high school setting
with grades 9 and 11, but also for a stint in middle school.  I love introducing my students to
new, relevant literature (reading YA lit is my favorite!) and teaching them to become better

I started this blog as a way to connect to other teachers and to share my experiences,
tried and true ideas, class resources, and how I transformed my class into a paperless
environment.  I also like to share book recommendations and tips to make teacher-mom
life easier.

I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store way back in 2009, but left it all but empty (I think
I had 20 resources) until 2013.  Since then, creating and publishing resources that save teachers
time and engage students has become my passion!  I’m a huge fan of using Mentor Sentences
to teach grammar and writing and I have lots of those resources in my store, as well as
novel units, writing plans, and more!


I married my blind date, Scott, and together we’re raising three baseball-loving, beach boys.
My life is busy, but my heart is full.  I love to connect with fellow teachers, so if you’d like to
see what goes on in my world, join me on Instagram, and if you’d like to check out teaching,
classroom, and reading ideas, you might like my Pinterest.  I hope that you stop to say

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