Let Me See Your Business Cards!

While I am certainly not a blog designer, I'm pretty impressed, if I do say so myself, with this blog design.  I watched lots of videos and stalked blog tutorials to come up with a look that I wanted.  Sure, there are some more elements that I'd like to add, and some that I'm not entirely happy with, but I think that, in time, I will make tweaks and adjustments to suit my needs.  I thought long and hard about hiring a blog designer to do the work for me, because, let's face it, their blogs always look AMAZING, but I knew that by investing the time myself, I'd be a little more inclined to post regularly.

Along those same lines, knowing that the TPT conference is coming up, I realized that I needed to update my business cards.  Trying to keep the same look that I created with this blog, I designed a 2-sided card that I'll be happy to share with fellow teacher-authors at the conference.  Tell me, what do you think?

I'd love to see your cards.  And I can't wait to exchange with you in Vegas!

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