the Sunday Scoop

Today I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio with my Sunday Scoop.  This weekend we've lucked out with a rainy, dreary two days.  I know I'm spoiled by my Southern California sunshine when I look forward to the occasional rainy weekend where I don't feel guilty about curling up in sweats with a book and not doing anything productive.

Hope today is the start of a great week for you!  Head over to the Teaching Trio to see what other teachers have going on.


  1. You sound like you will have a busy Sunday! Good for you getting to church. I need to find another time and set an alarm for myself. Every time I remember it's Sunday, it's too late for me to get there. I'm awful! Have a great week!

    oh, SNAP! blog

  2. Good for you to sit on the couch and relax, especially if you've been sick! That is awesome that you love your new church! It's so fun to enjoy the church you attend! Have a great week!!

    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First


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