A Sunday Surprise in the Newsletter


I wanted to come and share some statistics.  I had the privilege of having a free product in this Sunday’s Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter and it has been a wild two days!

Here’s the resource:

I was home with my sick child on Saturday and just happened to check TPT’s Pinterest page and saw my freebie listed.  It wasn’t as nicely put together as it could be, so I got to work. 

First, since this is part of a larger resource, I put a picture and description of the larger resource on the Notes for the Teacher page.  I also included two sample pages from the product at the end.

Next, I spiffed up the strategy sheets by adding a cute border to make them more appealing.

Finally, since this is a Close Reading resource, I made a PicMonkey.com collage of all the Close Reading Resource covers I have for sale in my store.  I put that collage on the final Thank You page of my resource, linking it back to my store.

Since the newsletter came out yesterday, I have:
-had the resource downloaded 2,350 times
-gained 60 new followers
-received 30+ new feedbacks on the freebie
-sold 126 items (mostly items that were included in my collage)
-sold 31 of the larger resources that this freebie was a part of (and had 24 wishlisted)
-had 4 new buyers purchase 7 or more items at once (One bought 11 things, including a $24 item, a $10 item, and several $8 items)
-had my new first and second highest sales day ever (Sunday’s sales TRIPLED my highest sales day before the newsletter)

Truthfully, I don’t know that I would have had such a successful day if I hadn’t made the improvements to my resource.  But, I think those things helped so I wanted to share.  Definitely include those links!

Keep on submitting – being features is proving to be WELL worth the time to submit!!

Good luck everyone, and thanks to those of you who downloaded!