Back to School Classroom Photos

Now that back to school time is here, I want to share photos of my classroom.  It is a source of pride to me that my students LOVE my classroom.  They always tell me that they love reading the walls, and when their friends come in with them, I love to hear "Your class is so cool; I wish my class looked like this."

I admit, I tend to spend lots of money on my room, but having a space that is visually appealing to me and to my students is important to me.  If you'd like to print out some of the quotes and photos that I post, check out my Pinterest boards Quotes and Pictures for School.  I print many of the pics out at Costco for a great deal!

I love my class library.  It takes up most of my back wall, and although it's a space hog, my students are so much more inclined to read when I have great books here waiting for them.  Additionally, I've bought all the books myself, which, although costly, allows me the freedom to lend (and give) them as I see fit.  Surprisingly, The Dollar Tree is a pretty god spot for class books.  I also get books from Scholastic book orders and our local dollar book store.


This side wall is my competition board.  I use my "Student Leader" (it's free!) product to host a competition both within each class period and among all my classes.  Students love this and check the board each week to see where they fall.  

My teacher desk is still pretty messy, but I like to have a spot to showcase a bit about me.  I have notes from students, artwork from my kids, and quotes and photos that make me happy.

This is my objective board and my TA desk.  I have lots of English/grammar cartoons posted above my TA desk, as this is near the door of my class.  Students like to read the cartoons, and often point out their favorites.  I keep handouts for each day of the week in the plastic drawers, and the set below holds student portfolios.  Also, to save money, I buy toilet paper in bulk and stack it on paper towel rolls, rather than buying kleenex, which disappears like mad in my class.

 My side wall has bulletin boards made from stapled fabric.  There is a Read Me board for student book recommendations, a WOW board for great work, and an Academic Word Wall.  The photo below is from midway through last school year.

Again, having a room that is text-rich, colorful, and visually appealing makes me happy and engages students.  

Tell me, how do you set up your classroom?


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  2. I love seeing other people's classrooms. Here is a link to mine from the start of this year. Middle School Classroom Set Up


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