A Sunday Surprise in the Newsletter


I wanted to come and share some statistics.  I had the privilege of having a free product in this Sunday’s Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter and it has been a wild two days!

Here’s the resource:

I was home with my sick child on Saturday and just happened to check TPT’s Pinterest page and saw my freebie listed.  It wasn’t as nicely put together as it could be, so I got to work. 

First, since this is part of a larger resource, I put a picture and description of the larger resource on the Notes for the Teacher page.  I also included two sample pages from the product at the end.

Next, I spiffed up the strategy sheets by adding a cute border to make them more appealing.

Finally, since this is a Close Reading resource, I made a PicMonkey.com collage of all the Close Reading Resource covers I have for sale in my store.  I put that collage on the final Thank You page of my resource, linking it back to my store.

Since the newsletter came out yesterday, I have:
-had the resource downloaded 2,350 times
-gained 60 new followers
-received 30+ new feedbacks on the freebie
-sold 126 items (mostly items that were included in my collage)
-sold 31 of the larger resources that this freebie was a part of (and had 24 wishlisted)
-had 4 new buyers purchase 7 or more items at once (One bought 11 things, including a $24 item, a $10 item, and several $8 items)
-had my new first and second highest sales day ever (Sunday’s sales TRIPLED my highest sales day before the newsletter)

Truthfully, I don’t know that I would have had such a successful day if I hadn’t made the improvements to my resource.  But, I think those things helped so I wanted to share.  Definitely include those links!

Keep on submitting – being features is proving to be WELL worth the time to submit!!

Good luck everyone, and thanks to those of you who downloaded!

Meet and Greet with Secondary Sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers

Back when Teachers Pay Teachers was new, it seemed like the majority of sellers were focused on the secondary market.  But, things have changed and elementary took over in a BIG way.  But, we secondary sellers are here creating amazing resources that can be put to immediate use in your classroom.  Let's get the word out and share our awesome resources for those in secondary.
Meet and Teach - Making Meaning with Melissa

Brain Waves Instruction, Literary Sherri, and Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy have compiled 3 FREE Meet and Teach e-books profiling SECONDARY teacher-authors and sharing print-and-teach resources from 25 TpT stores in each e-book.  The e-books center around ELA, Math & Science, and Humanities (Social Studies, Art, Foreign Language, and more ELA).  In them you'll find a 'meet' page completed by each seller that includes responses to 5 prompts.  You'll get to learn a bit about each seller like their favorite book or things that make them happy.  Then, each seller provided you with a 1-page resource that you can use in your classroom tomorrow.  These e-books are filled with awesome teachers, little insights into each sellers' life, and resources that are easy to implement in your classroom.  They're pretty amazing.  Of course, you don't have to take my word for it, you can find them here, starting with mine:

I've included my ICE-T paragraphing structure and practice...I bet you'll find it useful!

Download each free e-book and you'll get a chance to meet and teach resources from these teacher-authors: 

Sunday Scoop

Two blog posts in one day!  I haven't even managed to do two in a week yet!

Here's my Sunday Scoop, as I'm linking up with the 

Hope this is a great week for you!

World Gratitude Day

Today is World Gratitude Day?  Did you know there was such a thing?  I sure didn’t, but I have to admit that I wish it would take off.  I think that most people could do with a little more gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts they have.

So, thinking about all the things that I’m grateful for, I decided to share five of them with you.

1.  My family.  I am a mommy to two boys, ages 6 and 7 ½, and a stepmom to an 18-year-old son.  These guys (and my husband) are the lights of my life.  Motherhood was something that I had always dreamed of, and I can tell you that this is better than I ever imagined.  I have smart, funny, kind, athletic, sweet and bratty boys, and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Plus, I am blessed with amazing, giving, and supportive parents and in-laws, too.

2.  My health.  Lots of people take health for granted, and I admit that I do that more often than I should.  But despite some health challenges (I’ve lived with congenital heart defects my whole life and have had many open heart surgeries, two high-risk pregnancies, and a terrible head-on collision), I’ve always bounced back well and have been thankfully healthy.

3.   My home.  I feel blessed that we live in a popular beach community that has so much to do.  It’s a fairly tight-knit community, so we’ve met great friends, and I love living in a place that has beautiful weather, great schools, and opportunities for my kids to thrive.  Plus, it takes us less than five minutes to get to the beach!

4.  Vacations.  I love getting away with my family.  We own an RV, and have taken several cross-country road trips, camping along the way, and despite the cramped space and close quarters, those trips are some of my best memories.  This summer we took the boys on their first Hawaii trip, and had a blast.  And we’re lucky to be frequent river goers and now have a permanent place there to call home.

5.  Teachers Pay Teachers.  This site has allowed me to channel my creativity in a way that’s not always possible in my regular teaching job.  Additionally, it’s allowed me to meet and interact with so many bright, interesting people.  And, the extra income is such a blessing!  I have had the best month ever in my five years here and I’m thrilled!

To show my gratitude, please enjoy this new product for free (for 48 hours).  I will change the price back to $5 on Tuesday, 9/23.  And I would be so grateful if you would leave me some positive feedback.

Hello again and a Sunday Scoop

Hello there!  I remember this place, the blog I started right when school was about to start...  Well, I haven't been keeping up my end of the deal, but I'm working to change that.  I now realize that adding a new task to a super-busy time of year may have been a little too ambitious, but I'm figuring out how to make it work.  Especially now that my kids and I are back into the school routine.

For now, I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to share my Sunday Scoop.  Head on over to check out what other bloggers have coming up in the week ahead.

Until next time, have a great day!

Back to School and a Little Boost

The time has come...my back to school teacher workdays begin on Thursday and the students show up on Monday.  Although I really enjoy teaching and look forward to the new year, this is always a bittersweet time to be a teacher.  My own children don't start for another week and a half, so it's sad to think about leaving them.  Plus, I just love my summers.  

But, it's always nice to get a little BOOST in motivation and here's something bound to make you smile.  Teachers Pay Teachers is offering a 1-day Back-to-School Boost Sale.  Check it out!

How I Manage my High School Classes

Don’t you love that feeling when your class is running smoothly, the kids are all on task, and your grading is caught up?  Me, too!  Finding a management system that works feels like such an accomplishment, cause Lord knows I’ve tried my share of duds.

So, today, I want to share with you a system that I’ve been using for the last ten years.  You know how the greatest inventions are born from necessity?  Well, this was necessary for me!  As an English teacher, I have way too much student writing to look at, edit, comment on, then grade. To be honest, I often feel that even if my time was spent only on grading essays, there still wouldn’t be enough hours for me to get the work back in a timely manner (not to mention hang out with my family).  Factor in other student work (homework, vocabulary practice, independent reading, and more), and the paper load is overwhelming.  So here’s where it gets good.  I knew that if I expected students to do all these other tasks, then I needed to give them credit for their work, after all, these guys are smart and they wouldn’t see value in working for free.  But, I didn’t want to be a human grading machine. So, what to do, you ask?

Creating Class Leaders!  I came up with the idea of class leaders to help manage the overwhelming paper load that is inevitable with 200+ students.  I knew that the students were capable of handling more responsibility and I knew that students thrived on competition.  An idea to merge the two started forming.

First, I needed some guidelines.  I usually divide my room into 8, either by rows of desks or groups, so I knew I needed 8 leaders per class.  Then, what did I want them to do?  Much of our homework is independent practice to help reinforce skills that will later be assessed.  I needed the students to practice, but didn’t want to give them tons of points to overinflate grades.  I decided to put the class leaders in charge of stamping and recording these small assignments, averaging the points, and managing their groups. 

The first time through, during first quarter, I ask interested students to apply to be a row leader (and I always get several applications).  I pick the remainder of the leaders and then create the seating chart.  For subsequent quarters, I again asks for applications, and then choose the remaining leaders based on grades or effort.  After the first quarter, I send the selected leaders outside to draft their groups, giving them a bigger buy-in and making them think critically about what types of group members they want to work with.
An awesome group of leaders on Halloween
Each week, my student leaders turn in a chart with several assignments listed across the top.  Each group member gets a check mark for each complete assignment (it’s all or nothing, as these points only amount to 10 per week).  The class leader counts each person’s checks, then records the total.  Then, the leader averages the group’s points and records the percentage.  This is the percentage of completed work for each row, and leads to the competition.  I add each group’s weekly percentage as a running tally on my side board, so that each group in each period can see the score.  I run the competition through the quarter, and the winning team at the end of quarter gets extra credit and a sweet treat.

My students love this system!  They like the extra responsibility that comes with being a group leader and they like the competition aspect, which motivates all the students to do their work.

I'd love for you to download this freebie and let me know how it works for you.

Back to School Classroom Photos

Now that back to school time is here, I want to share photos of my classroom.  It is a source of pride to me that my students LOVE my classroom.  They always tell me that they love reading the walls, and when their friends come in with them, I love to hear "Your class is so cool; I wish my class looked like this."

I admit, I tend to spend lots of money on my room, but having a space that is visually appealing to me and to my students is important to me.  If you'd like to print out some of the quotes and photos that I post, check out my Pinterest boards Quotes and Pictures for School.  I print many of the pics out at Costco for a great deal!

I love my class library.  It takes up most of my back wall, and although it's a space hog, my students are so much more inclined to read when I have great books here waiting for them.  Additionally, I've bought all the books myself, which, although costly, allows me the freedom to lend (and give) them as I see fit.  Surprisingly, The Dollar Tree is a pretty god spot for class books.  I also get books from Scholastic book orders and our local dollar book store.


This side wall is my competition board.  I use my "Student Leader" (it's free!) product to host a competition both within each class period and among all my classes.  Students love this and check the board each week to see where they fall.  

My teacher desk is still pretty messy, but I like to have a spot to showcase a bit about me.  I have notes from students, artwork from my kids, and quotes and photos that make me happy.

This is my objective board and my TA desk.  I have lots of English/grammar cartoons posted above my TA desk, as this is near the door of my class.  Students like to read the cartoons, and often point out their favorites.  I keep handouts for each day of the week in the plastic drawers, and the set below holds student portfolios.  Also, to save money, I buy toilet paper in bulk and stack it on paper towel rolls, rather than buying kleenex, which disappears like mad in my class.

 My side wall has bulletin boards made from stapled fabric.  There is a Read Me board for student book recommendations, a WOW board for great work, and an Academic Word Wall.  The photo below is from midway through last school year.

Again, having a room that is text-rich, colorful, and visually appealing makes me happy and engages students.  

Tell me, how do you set up your classroom?

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